About Destination: Design

The business event for interior design professionals

Destination: Design was set up in 2022 by a group of Dutch and international brands. It reflected the need for industry professionals to meet face to face after so many major design fairs had been cancelled. The event proved a big success, and we expect the 2023 edition to be even more so.   

The concept of Destination: Design remains unchanged: a forum for the very latest products  and ideas, in a location that not only brings people together, but inspires them to new heights of creativity.

Participants at the event represent many different sectors, from furniture to fabrics. It’s the ideal place to find out what the 2023 design collections have in store, and will appeal to:

  • Retailers
  • Interior design consultants
  • Architects
  • Stylists
  • Other related professions


We’re looking forward to an even more exciting second edition of Destination: Design, where we can learn from one another’s experiences and work together towards common goals.

For more information, or to take part in the 2023 event, contact [email protected].